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3 Clever Uses for Coffee



Aside from its magical powers in the morning, coffee also has a number of other uses that you might not even know about. Here are a few clever, new uses for coffee. Use coffee grounds as a deodorizer. Simply fill an open bowl with the grounds and let them absorb bad smells in the kitchen, […]

Happy National Radio Day!



The radio has been around for over 100 years and has changed the face of communication technology. It is hard to believe with the many listening options we have today that radio is still around! Support your local radio stations and broadcasters small and large today. Tell us, what is your favorite radio station or […]

Enjoy Sesame Fries at Hankook Taqueria



Hankook Taqueria is a casual Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant in Atlanta, combining Korean meats and spices into Mexican tortillas to create interesting and flavorful tacos and burritos. Korean barbecue tacos are stuffed with chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimp, and more. All tacos include lettuce, green cabbage tossed in soy sesame vinaigrette and onions, green onion, jack […]

Facts About Flax Seeds You Might Not Already Know



If you’re trying to improve your health and maintain a healthy diet, you may want to start incorporating flax seeds into your meals. These tiny seeds are said to be great for digestion and vascular health, and they may even help to prevent certain types of cancers. Here are just a few fun facts about […]

Happy National Friends Day!



Happy National Friendship Day! This date was first deemed a holiday by Hallmark in 1919, originally with the intention of selling greeting cards specific to the newfound holiday. Friendship Day did not maintain much popularity over the years but has resurfaced with the inception of International Friendship Day which is celebrated July 30th. Many still […]

Beltline Pub Crawl Today!



Looking for something fun to do today? Check out Pub Crawl on the Beltline today starting at 1PM and continuing until 5PM. You can still sign up today by 1PM for $30 which will get you 4 complimentary beers and each participating location will also be offering various food and drink specials. Buy tickets here.

IACA Festival Of India Tomorrow



Tomorrow is the IACA Festival of India, located at the Infinite Energy Center at 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway Duluth, GA 30097. Currently celebrating their 20th year, this festivity is from 10AM to 7PM celebrating many facets of Indian culture. You can enjoy various Indian cuisines, arts, dance, shopping, seminars and much more! Check out details at […]

Cocktails In The Courtyard Tonight!



Just a friendly reminder that our Cocktails In The Courtyard event is tonight from 6:30 to 9:30 PM in the courtyard. Stop by, or stay the whole time for live music, refreshing drinks, and delicious food! Meet your neighbors and make new friends! We look forward to seeing all of you later!

Sushi House Hayakawa: Fresh Rolls in Atlanta



The essential quality that puts a sushi restaurant a cut above the competition is the freshness of the fish, and that’s where Atlanta's Sushi House Hayakawa excels. This top-notch traditional Japanese restaurant purchases nothing but the absolute best cuts of a wide variety of fish and presents them in delicate, flavorful preparations. Chef Atsushi Hayakawa […]

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